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Green Lens Team

The Green Lens Uganda team page provides an overview of the dedicated professionals who are working towards environmental conservation, Climate Action, and sustainable development. The team includes individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in various areas related to the organization's mission. This team works together to achieve Green Lens Uganda's goals and create a positive impact on the communities

Nelly-Salvatore Green Lens Uganda

Nelly Salvatore is a professional environmental scientist whose passion for art made him venture into professional photography. 

Nelly has over 10+ years in the field of environmental-related projects.

Edina Ahurira-green lens

Edinah Ahurira

Over years, Edinah has worked with several organizations as a communications expert. Edna is very passionate about creating

communications material that helps to create awareness in the field of climate change and environmental conservations

Sam Kabanda Green lens

Samuel Kabanda Kines

Cinematographer | Photographer

Samuel Kines is a professional   Cinematographer and Photographer who’s very passionate about documenting stories with a camera. Samuel has over 10+ years in the field of documentaries.

Ashaba-Reagan-Green Lens Uganda staff

Reagan Ashaba

Brand Strategist

Reagan has an excellent vision in regard to branding and identifying unique marketing strategies that match with campaign targets of our partners. Reagan has over 6+ years in this field.


Ibrahim Mubiru
Video Journalist

Ibrahim has worked with several media and video production companies in the country. Ibrahim uses his filmmaking skills

to capture and tell stories that make an impact. Ibrahim has 11+ years of experience in the field of documentary production.


Bildad Kukundakwe

Accounts Officer

Bildad has worked with several financial companies as a credit officer and as an accountant. Bildad joins our team as an

accounts officer bringing with him 10+ years of experience handling accounting and financial-related projects.

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