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Postponement of World Wetlands Day Celebrations 2024 at Mabamba Wetland, Uganda

Dear Partners and Community,

We regret to inform you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the World Wetlands Day Celebrations scheduled to take place at Mabamba Wetland have been postponed.

Despite our diligent efforts to secure necessary approvals, we encountered challenges that have forced us to reconsider the event's timing. The decision to postpone was made to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities and participants.

We understand the disappointment this may cause, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. However, rest assured that we remain committed to the cause of wetlands conservation, and we are actively working to reschedule the event for a later date.

We extend our gratitude for your unwavering support and understanding. As we navigate these adjustments, we will keep you updated on the revised date for the celebrations. We appreciate your continued commitment to the conservation of wetlands and look forward to your participation when the event is rescheduled.

Thank you for your understanding, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
Best regards,
Green Lens Management


World Wetlands Day 2024  Celebrations in Uganda

At Green Lens Uganda, we believe wetlands are very important for  communities. These vibrant ecosystems provide clean water, regulate floods, offer diverse wildlife habitats, and nurture livelihoods for millions. But they face growing threats from pollution, encroachment, and unsustainable practices.

This World Wetlands Day 2024, we're excited to celebrate the theme "Wetlands and Human Well-being" by embarking on a transformative journey in Mabamba Bay, a stunning wetland system in central Uganda.

What is World Wetlands Day?

World Wetlands Day is a global event dedicated to raising awareness about the vital role of wetlands for people and the planet. These incredible ecosystems, encompassing marshes, swamps, bogs, and mangroves, play a crucial role in:

  • Maintaining water quality: Wetlands act as natural filters, removing pollutants and contaminants from water before it flows into rivers and oceans.

  • Supporting biodiversity: Wetlands provide vital habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals, including many endangered species.

  • Mitigating climate change: Wetlands store large amounts of carbon dioxide, helping to slow down the effects of climate change.

  • Providing livelihoods: Millions of people around the world rely on wetlands for fishing, agriculture, and tourism.

When is it?

  • World Wetlands Day is celebrated annually on February 2nd. This date marks the adoption of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in 1971, an international treaty aimed at conserving and sustainably using wetlands around the world.


How can you get involved?

There are many ways to get involved in World Wetlands Day and make a positive impact on wetland conservation:

  • Visit a wetland: Explore a nearby wetland area, observe its biodiversity, and learn about its importance to the ecosystem. Many parks and nature reserves offer guided tours and educational programs.

  • Organize an event: Plan or participate in events such as guided tours, clean-up activities, bird-watching excursions, or educational workshops focused on wetlands.

  • Support conservation organizations: Contribute to or volunteer with organizations dedicated to wetland preservation and restoration efforts.

  • Advocate for wetlands: Raise awareness about wetland conservation by sharing information with your community and advocating for policies that protect these ecosystems.

  • Learn about Ramsar Sites: Discover Ramsar Convention-designated wetlands in your region and understand their significance in the global context.

Mabamba wetland birding- World wetlands day 2024

In Uganda, we shall celebrate World Wetlands Day 2024 in Mabamba Wetland Community

This year, our focus is on the Mabamba Wetland, a Ramsar Site recognized as a "wetland of international importance." Mabamba, located on the shores of Lake Victoria, is not just a beautiful landscape but a vital ecosystem.


It serves as a crucial water purifier, providing clean water for communities and wildlife. Home to over 300 bird species, including the endangered Shoebill Stork, Mabamba is a biodiversity treasure trove and a climate change warrior, mitigating floods and storing carbon.

Our Past Successes

Green Lens Uganda proudly celebrates two impactful years of World Wetlands Day around Mabamba Bay Wetland. In collaboration with local communities like Mabamba Eco-Tourism Association and Mabamba Lodge, we have raised awareness and inspired action in a collaborative effort. You can explore our past successes here, here, and here.

World Wetlands Day 2024: Our Vision

This year's theme, "Empowering Communities and Enhancing Wellbeing through Wetland Conservation," resonates deeply with our values. As we face the alarming reality of rapid wetland degradation globally, our commitment to raising awareness and advocating for wetland protection policies becomes more critical than ever.

Our Project Objectives for World Wetlands Day 2024

  1. Increase Awareness: Utilize our expertise in visual storytelling to share captivating narratives about Mabamba's connections to human well-being through social media and community events.

  2. Empower Communities: Conduct participatory workshops and exhibitions in villages surrounding Mabamba, empowering local communities through training and capacity-building in wetland restoration and sustainable livelihoods.

  3. Advocate for Policy Change: Develop research-based policy briefs, informed by stakeholder dialogues, advocating for stronger wetland protection policies.

  4. Inspire Future Generations: Ignite a passion for wetland conservation among the youth through school workshops, an art and photography competition, and a Junior Wetland Guardians Program.

How You Can Join Us

As World Wetlands Day 2024 approaches, we invite you to join hands with Green Lens Uganda in celebrating wetlands and their vital connection to human well-being. Stay tuned for captivating stories, engaging social media campaigns, and opportunities to participate in community events.

Spread the word!

When sharing your experiences and supporting wetland conservation efforts on social media, consider using these hashtags to connect with others and raise awareness:





Let's all work together to protect these valuable ecosystems for future generations!

World wetlands day celebration 2024- Green lens Uganda

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